Y wear™ clothing co.
you can click on each section or design to see what we have to offer! purchase your choice of designs on several different products options!
happy thoughts and happy shopping! Our Designs... What Team Are You On?
Bride, Groom, Dad, Mom, 1st born, baby? Pick your team!
Spiritually Minded
For those with a sense of spiritual humor. Just for the Smart Asses
Yes, now you have a section all to your own. As it should be.
Revenge of the Geeks
For those that are drawn to numbers and science. We all know who you are! Just a Little Bit Wacky
for those of us that see the world just a little "off" from the rest.
This is a little bit of our more racey or well, you know...
Times We Are In
We are in some strange times. Environmentalism, Peace Makers and Politics... Artsy Fartsy
Musician, Writer, Poet, Artist, Dancer, Performer or just a Creative Type? Do you know someone that is?
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Photography & Art
Sunsets, Oceans, Animals/Nature, Architecture, Flowers and just BEAUTIFUL!
Holidays With Attitude
Let the Holidays have you making a statement! Try our designs and Greeting Cards on for size! Kid at Heart
Humor for Kids out there or those that never grow up.
Inspired Thinking
Inspire yourself or the one around you with our positive vibes, man... Mottos, mantras and affirmations for sale.
For the Locals
Do you live in a tourist infested town? Then this is the section for you!
Coffee Jitters
Need a cup of coffee in the morning, during the day, at night? all the time? This section is for you!
Def Signs
Created to celebrate our sign language and have a little punny time doing it! For those that are hearing impaired,